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PassiveAgressiveQueen Sun 27-Nov-16 20:42:41

Dear Mumsnet
I have just installed Ad Block, why? you are crying, because I got sick of them constantly moving my screen around as they loaded I would click on a link only for it to have moved before it registered my click and I went to the wrong thread, or no thread.
I wouldn't have minded if this was a one time hit but they downloaded every new thread.
The adverts down the side jumping to keep in view were making me feel queasy (i am not good with jittering in my peripheral vision).
So sorry i tried to let you keep the income but they were ruining my experience.

M0stlyHet Sun 27-Nov-16 20:53:35

Unfortunately I find even with an ad blocker, the text still jumps around - typically I click on say "last 15 minutes" only to find it's moved under my mouse and I've clicked on "advanced search".

(I had to use an ad blocker with my old laptop because any sort of embedded video or gifs just crashed my browser - it couldn't handle the bandwidth).

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