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Giant pop up

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MollyRedskirts Sat 19-Nov-16 19:32:52

This one. It's on the mobile site and impossible to close. Please zap it and kill it with fire, as it's stalking me around the site.

Namejustfornappies Sat 19-Nov-16 19:45:13


IfartInYourGeneralDirection Sat 19-Nov-16 19:48:21


Mirandawest Sat 19-Nov-16 19:48:53

I've been getting a Giff Gaff one

EsmesBees Sat 19-Nov-16 19:49:49

Also getting the giff gaff one. Very annoying.

FoxesSitOnBoxes Sat 19-Nov-16 19:52:38

Make it stop! sad

Suzysuz Sat 19-Nov-16 19:56:30

Yup happening on my iPhone too!

GipsyDanger Sat 19-Nov-16 19:57:03

Yup me to

Agiraffeisnotacat Sat 19-Nov-16 19:57:44

Me tooangry

RebeccaMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 19-Nov-16 20:16:28

Hi all,

Thanks for this. Is this just happening on mobile devices and if so are the Android or iPhones?

Apologies, we have asked Tech to look, any further info would be brilliant.

Many thanks

Namejustfornappies Sat 19-Nov-16 20:24:29

Mines an android. An old one grin

Trulyamnearanear Sat 19-Nov-16 20:36:43

iPhone here- can't see any way of closing it

Mirandawest Sat 19-Nov-16 20:41:41

Mine's an iPhone using the mobile site

YellowDinosaur Sat 19-Nov-16 20:43:31

Mines an android and I've had both of those pop ups this evening

sluj Sat 19-Nov-16 20:45:33

Android phone here

gamerchick Sat 19-Nov-16 20:47:09

I'm getting the giff gaff one. Windows phone.

meridithssister Sat 19-Nov-16 20:48:04

iPhone here. Pop up so big you can't see a x to close it.

Watto1 Sat 19-Nov-16 21:04:31

Massive Giff gaff ads on iPhone here too.

NormHonal Sat 19-Nov-16 21:06:36

iPhone and fecking annoying!

I might have to go back to reading the DM.

Yes it's that bad.

doodlejump1980 Sat 19-Nov-16 21:12:42

Yup iPhone here. So annoying that I'm not going on mumsnet further tonight. 😡

memyselfandaye Sat 19-Nov-16 21:18:48

I'm getting the sodding giffgaff ones too, Android.

TheCatsWhiskers Sat 19-Nov-16 21:38:20

iPhone using the mobile site. It's so annoying, please make it stop!

grumpyfeminist Sat 19-Nov-16 21:43:37

I've had it too - iPhone and mobile site.

oldsilver Sat 19-Nov-16 21:44:34

Posted all the info on the other thread, generic browser. Screenshots on tother thread. So far only Giffgaff for me but lots and lots up to 9pm.

VodkaValiumLattePlease Sat 19-Nov-16 21:48:47

iPhone on the mobile site, that is bloody ridiculous.

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