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EA = ???

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RTKangaMummy Tue 01-Nov-16 03:23:40

Please tell me what EA means?

I have looked on the list but it isn't there

Thank you

IminaPickle Tue 01-Nov-16 03:27:58

Emotional abuse. Hope you're ok I must sleep! Sorry.

LadySaladinForge Tue 01-Nov-16 05:44:51

Or Emotional Affair

GinIsIn Tue 01-Nov-16 05:49:43

Or if you are on the DIY & property boards it's estate agent, which can be very confusing!

FlissMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 02-Nov-16 16:53:03

Thanks for the explanations everyone - we realise all the abbreviations can get a bit mind-boggling grin

FruJustFru Wed 02-Nov-16 17:39:15

It's probably about time the acronyms list was updated.

There was a thread on Site Stuff, in 2014, where MNHQ seemed enthusiastic about the idea.

But .........................

LornaMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 03-Nov-16 10:27:40

Great idea FruJustFru
<trots off to speak content team>

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