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Me And Em Advert on MN

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GiddyGiddyGoat Mon 31-Oct-16 17:11:58

I have a Me and Em ad showing periodically on my screen on the Mn website - when I click on the image the discounted price shown in the ad is not the same as the price on the me and Em site - i.e. striped breton jumper showing in ad as £62.80 and on site is £69. Am I missing something - can't see any discount code I can use to get lower price... if not ad is misleading surely?!

GiddyGiddyGoat Mon 31-Oct-16 17:20:03

Sorry, I'm blind! It's showing as £82,60 and actually priced at £69 on their site - so still misleading but to their detriment not mine... as you were.

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