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jenjen73 Wed 19-Oct-16 11:58:23

A thread I recently created is showing up on Google's search results (page 2) under a certain term. The term relates to a school initiative (although it's not specific to my school and is a nation-wide programme) and could easily out me amongst my fellow mums as there are some specific details on there that would easily point to me. I would not be surprised if fellow mums are googling this term today as it's a bit of a hot topic. So all a bit of a nightmare really.

I've reported the thread to MN and asked for it to be deleted (only three posts, two of which are mine) but three hours later and it's still up.

Anyone have any idea how likely it is it will get deleted and if so how long it will take? And more importantly, will it cease to show up on Google search?


LornaMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 19-Oct-16 13:47:37

Hi jenjen73,

We've sorted this now.

Unfortunately, google does take some time to remove the information from its database and so, it's very possible that the information will be searchable.

We're really sorry about this! flowers

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