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Why has the colours changed

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Soubriquet Tue 11-Oct-16 11:48:21

The OP post is now a pale pink and my posts are a pale yellow

Almost impossible to tell apart from the rest of the thread

Photos for proof

DonkeyOaty Tue 11-Oct-16 11:49:22

I know. Odd. I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation.

DoItTooJulia Tue 11-Oct-16 11:49:56


Soubriquet Tue 11-Oct-16 11:50:37

It's awful

I liked the other colours! grin

NoFuchsGiven Tue 11-Oct-16 11:56:01

Explanation Here

Soubriquet Tue 11-Oct-16 11:56:50

Yes I just saw that on the other thread! We posted at the same time grin

Pastel is not ideal though!

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