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Would it be possible to select the username for each thread automatically...

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WhatsUpp Tue 11-Oct-16 11:27:18

... so you don't have to scroll through 800 posts to find which name you used on that old thread?

I keep name-changing because I keep giving far too much information, and want to be able to enjoy freely discussing areas of my life, but without completely losing my privacy.

The trouble is when an old thread pops up in "threads I'm in" and I've forgotten which name I used. I got blocked once for accidentally using the wrong name wayyyyy down the thread because it was sock-puppeting and obviously I don't want to do that again!

However it makes me giddy to whizz back hundreds of posts to find which name I used, days, weeks, or even months back. Could the original name used be automatically assigned? It would also stop the MN headache of reprimanding sock-puppeteers (deliberate, or like me, accidental).

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