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Mobile site looks like desktop one

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paxillin Thu 29-Sep-16 17:44:54

Is the mobile site down? I'm getting the desktop site on my tablet. Did I accidentally click something?

GiddyOnZackHunt Thu 29-Sep-16 17:48:27

Yes you did. Right at the bottom of the page it says 'Mobile Site'. Click that

paxillin Thu 29-Sep-16 17:55:51

blush Thank you.

GiddyOnZackHunt Thu 29-Sep-16 18:31:17

Easily done!

Anothernamechanger1 Thu 29-Sep-16 18:39:45

I posted a thread exactly the same 2 days ago! No idea how I did it!

paxillin Thu 29-Sep-16 18:50:22

I shall be watching Site Stuff like a hawk for the next one who does it grin.

SprinkleBlushes Sat 01-Oct-16 16:30:18

Ahem. That would be me then. Just popped over here to report it and luckily I spotted your thread!

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