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McBassyPants Thu 29-Sep-16 08:25:37


Just wondering how I NC when starting a new thread?

McBassyPants Thu 29-Sep-16 18:14:16


FruVikingessOla Fri 30-Sep-16 06:25:18

Go into My Mumsnet (up the top there ^^), then My Account and there is a box with your current NN. Change it to a new NN, then you have to scroll down a bit to put in your password and scroll down a bit more to Save Changes.

Once you've done that, you've got a new NN, which will be the default for you - but if you only want it for one thread, then you need to go through the same process to change back to McBassyPants.

McBassyPants Tue 04-Oct-16 09:02:40

Thank you :-)

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