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SquawkFish Mon 26-Sep-16 07:38:24

Hello Mumsnet Team,

Please could someone delete my thread in AIBU - I wasn't aware that journalists trawled this site for material and it is related to my start up business. I really don't want to have a huge fall out stem from this.

Many thanks!

TanteRose Mon 26-Sep-16 07:41:23

For quickest results, report your own OP on the thread (click on Report at the top right of the opening post). MNHQ will probably see that first.

No guarantee that they'll zap the thread, tho...

SquawkFish Mon 26-Sep-16 07:47:21

Thank you.

Soubriquet Mon 26-Sep-16 08:12:52

I'll report for you aswell op

SquawkFish Mon 26-Sep-16 08:21:38

Thank you Soubriquet (and thanks for the advice too).

I feel bad asking for this as there is so much good advice and help in there, but I didn't realise I could end up being used as journo feed.

Soubriquet Mon 26-Sep-16 08:40:36

Yeah it's a shame

Plenty of good threads needing to be deleted in case they end up as mail fodder

FruVikingessOla Mon 26-Sep-16 15:43:55

It's not just the Daily Fail. It's the Sun, Mirror, Guardian, Independent - and many other national media ......

FruVikingessOla Mon 26-Sep-16 15:47:26

Oh, and just have a look at the Mumsnet in the news topic

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