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Webchats, biscuits, books.

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Starsinthedark Mon 19-Sep-16 16:26:36

I have just given up in disgust on page 18 of the Jeremy Corbyn web chat, and I suppose the title of the thread explains why.

I am aware of the history; I know why people think they are being hilarious and witty asking about the biscuit.

It isn't. It would be one thing if whoever it was was in it for the long haul, but when they've got an hour to answer questions, is it just me who thinks it's really bad form for a load of sniggering, spluttering vapid twats to fill up the thread with pointless questions meaning that anything serious gets cast aside?

Reading that web chat was (honestly) like trying to be interested in a lesson but being unable to concentrate because of squealing schoolgirls.

Do you think we could have a bit more monitoring in future? And I know i sound like a miserable grouch, and I wouldn't mind if it wasn't actually ON the web chat, but when it's obvious some are genuinely interested in serious issues, stupid 'biscuit' talk is REALLY disruptive.

And breathe ...

MrsHathaway Mon 19-Sep-16 16:53:32

The biscuit question should stand as a standard ice breaker. Then we've all settled in comfortably and can get on with grownup matters.

Guests who are v e r y s l o w a t t y p i n g and want to dump loads of prepared guff should bring it prepared. And/or dictate to an IT-competent assistant or MNHQer.

Today was a travesty.

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