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Text boxes not expanding

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Memoires Tue 06-Sep-16 08:29:29

They used to expand so that you could proof your posts properly before posting; now they seem to be of fixed size and you have to scroll, which is unsatisfactory when trying to refer back from, say, near the end to check how much you are repeating yourself from near the start.

Previewing posts just takes time and is inconvenient, but at least you do get the whole text in one go.

Is this something which you specially designed into the system, or just something which happened and you thought "let's just leave it and see if people notice"? I'd hoped it was something you'd correct in time but it's been ages now.

It's horrible. Please make the text boxes expand with the amount of text again.

I'm using an iPad and Safari. I haven't installed the latest update yet.

Memoires Tue 06-Sep-16 22:56:43

Please MNHQ.

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