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WatcherOfTheNight Wed 31-Aug-16 17:06:43

I'm wondering if my emails have been received as I've not had a reply as yet.

Sent one yesterday & one today,I was hoping to hear back before tonight.blush

WatcherOfTheNight Wed 31-Aug-16 17:57:51

Anyone confusedconfusedconfusedconfusedconfused

Soubriquet Wed 31-Aug-16 18:02:15

They do tend to take a while to reply. Busy people

WatcherOfTheNight Wed 31-Aug-16 18:11:13

It could be that Soubriquet,I'm just hoping it's not a system error like last time.

We've been bombarded by the same troll over a few nights now & I'm wanting to know if they sorted it & if not if any other Nightwatchers are around tonight.blush

WatcherOfTheNight Wed 31-Aug-16 18:12:25

<switches of Internet & locks self in cupboard with gin>

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