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Automatic highlighting of OPs' posts

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JudyCoolibar Sat 27-Aug-16 15:14:13

Would it be a good idea if this was the default? This is prompted by the "Have you cancelled the cheque" saga and the number of people still making suggestions to the person who had a car parked in her driveway. Maybe if OPs' posts were always highlighted, people might at least make more of an effort to read those before commenting.

PurpleDaisies Sat 27-Aug-16 15:16:35

I'd be amazed if people don't just ignore them and just answer the first post anyway.

I like having the op's posts highlighted and I'd be happy with it the default setting.

Spiderpigspiderpig Mon 29-Aug-16 09:15:32

how do you highlight posts?

Soubriquet Mon 29-Aug-16 13:20:16

I didn't have it on my old account. Couldn't even change it on customise. I love having it on this account. Makes it so much easier

OurBlanche Mon 29-Aug-16 13:27:04

I lost the Customise option during one upgrade. Fortunately my settings retained the different colour options. But I have no idea where it is hiding, if I actually have it!

PepsiPenguin Mon 29-Aug-16 13:29:53

I ditched the app and returned to the mobile website for his reason.

The colours aren't enough on the App.

FruOla Mon 29-Aug-16 17:45:02

Good idea, Judy.

I second that!

Spiderpigspiderpig Mon 29-Aug-16 17:46:52

I'm using mobile version. Can I do it?

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