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Multiple Name Changes

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Chippednailvarnishing Mon 22-Aug-16 22:34:36

I've been on a thread tonight where someone has posted a goady OP and has then been unkind to another poster. It then becomes apparent that they are posting under multiple names on different threads, apparently because they are also posting on a local area thread.

Isn't it time to show how many name changes a poster has visible by their name? If you are posting nasty GF ops and you have 155 different names, it's clear to everyone what sort of thread they are on?

NeedACleverNN Mon 22-Aug-16 22:36:29

Oh but she wasn't being goady remember. She just wanted different user names for different threads hmm


Chippednailvarnishing Mon 22-Aug-16 22:37:45

Don't we all grin

Thelyingbitchandthewardrobe Mon 22-Aug-16 22:37:59

I was on another thread where wiser posters than I explained that this is one of few forums where you could change name frequently. Apparently this is not the normal and thus is why there are so many trolls here.
Not sure what the solution is. I once shared something really sad on here and got a lot of support. I was happy to name change and start fresh.

Chippednailvarnishing Mon 22-Aug-16 22:40:40

I have no problem with name changing to start afresh, but I can't see why anyone would need a large number of names, or active ones at least, at anyone time.

Thelyingbitchandthewardrobe Mon 22-Aug-16 22:43:16

You're right. Mumsnet are trusting people not to be assholes but I guess that just not working. It's causing a lot of people a lot of hurt.

Chippednailvarnishing Mon 22-Aug-16 22:47:34

If you can't say something without changing your name, the likelyhood is that you're being a GF...

WorraLiberty Mon 22-Aug-16 23:22:28

HQ said a little while back that they can limit people's ability to name change (the second time they refused to give us 1 topic where name changing was banned).

I have no idea whether they actually do limit some people, but it doesn't seem like it at times.

legotits Mon 22-Aug-16 23:23:52

Takes me that long to change my username I'd only get to 3 and think fuck it.

As much as it pains me I think member since is only solution.

Chippednailvarnishing Mon 22-Aug-16 23:23:54

I can't see how multiple names help anyone!

TheGruffaloMother Mon 22-Aug-16 23:24:30

I want to be able to somehow relinquish previous usernames that I no longer use as well as being able to see how many usernames a poster has been active under in the past month.

WorraLiberty Mon 22-Aug-16 23:29:33

I just want one topic where name changing is not allowed.

So that people (in that topic at least) build up a posting history and you get to 'know' people, like on other chat forums.

That way when the trolling is at ridiculous levels, you could at least escape to that topic for a while.

Chippednailvarnishing Mon 22-Aug-16 23:32:58

Good idea, was there a reason it wasn't allowed last time you asked?

WatcherOfTheNight Mon 22-Aug-16 23:35:41

Do yo have a link Chipped?

Chippednailvarnishing Mon 22-Aug-16 23:37:07

Do you mean to the first thread watcher?


WorraLiberty Mon 22-Aug-16 23:38:45

Apparently they couldn't do it as it would have been a 'technical nightmare'

But we were promised they'd look into it, if people still felt the same a few months down the line.

We did feel the same.

HQ ignored the thread being bumped for about a month or so, then eventually came on and ignored the repeated requests.

That's when they said something about they can 'and do' limit name changing confused

WatcherOfTheNight Mon 22-Aug-16 23:39:55

Yes,thanks Chipped,Is that thread started ** by the GF poster ?

Chippednailvarnishing Mon 22-Aug-16 23:40:04

I'll report this thread and ask again. I also think we should have the number of name changes by our names, so I would be

Chippednailvarnishing (6)

MachiKoro Mon 22-Aug-16 23:40:43

I have hundreds if namechanged. Never been a GF. Only had about two posts ever deleted.
Some people need to NC.

Chippednailvarnishing Mon 22-Aug-16 23:43:45

Why do they Machi?

MachiKoro Mon 22-Aug-16 23:44:34

Security, privacy, etc.

PolkadotsAndMoonbeams Mon 22-Aug-16 23:48:08

I have quite a few spares from "seasonal" or event namechanges.

I quite like having the option to change - if I want to post something identifying it's nice to know it isn't too easy to link to 'me'.

LittleBearPad Mon 22-Aug-16 23:48:51

No one needs hundreds of name changes. Maybe one or two but disguise some details if you're that worried.

Chippednailvarnishing Mon 22-Aug-16 23:50:53

Agree Little. I have a few, for different things, but I don't see how anyone needs hundreds.

Blu Mon 22-Aug-16 23:52:16

Posters in very vulnerable situations often name change to post in privacy. I don't think it would be helpful to signal to an EA partner that they had at least one other name.

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