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MNHQ - The porn's back again!!!

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MNHQ have commented on this thread.

PogoBob Sat 13-Aug-16 10:12:11

In AIBU this morning (10:05), clicked on the 'they brought the f'ing dog' post and got redirected to porn, looked like a hook up site but didn't stick around to investigate. Am using the mobile site on a kindle.

ShowOfHands Sat 13-Aug-16 10:15:07

Somebody has posted this thread already. They were on the zombie dog thread too. MNHQ replied to say they were dealing with it.

DawnMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 13-Aug-16 10:33:40

Thanks for letting us know, Pogo - as ShowOfHands has said, there's already another thread alerting us to this dodgy porn pop-up. Our ads team are definitely on the case already.

In the meantime, we're really sorry for any dodgy stuff you may have seen. sad

specialsubject Sat 13-Aug-16 10:35:37

If it helps, on the aibu thread about the horrors of Rio.

DawnMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 13-Aug-16 12:46:41

Hi specialsubject - thanks for letting us know. Has the dodgy link cropped up again at all in the past couple of hours? Our Ads team think they've found and blocked this one earlier today, but if you see it again please let us know.

Many thanks.

PootlewasthebestFlump Sat 13-Aug-16 13:16:51

Porn 1 min ago on beans and mash thread. Awkward as my DS was right next to me...straight to image of lovely lady pleasuring herself.

DawnMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 13-Aug-16 14:06:32

Oh no, really? Thanks very much for letting us know, Pootle - we've alerted our Ads team already.

In the meantime, can you please let us know which device you're using, which version of the site, etc.

Many thanks in advance.

specialsubject Sat 13-Aug-16 14:52:34

Haven't seen it since but will advise if I do. Pity silk doesn't have an ad blocker!

weirdsister Sat 13-Aug-16 15:09:14

I also got a pop up when I was browsing on Thursday night/Friday morning(early hours). I'm on an iPhone 6s and using the mobile site. I'm strangely relieved to find out that it's a MN problem as I had no idea where it had come from. I've downloaded an ad blocker since so hopefully it won't happen again.

MermaidofZennor Sat 13-Aug-16 15:26:26

I was just coming on here to report a problem. I have a new LG phone. Just accessed MN on it today and got redirected to another website Samphico something or other. Then a message came up telling me my google account had a virus infecting my phone. Closed everything down, didn't click anything. Didn't see any porn though. Major problem still then.

MermaidofZennor Sat 13-Aug-16 15:29:30

It was on What We're Reading.

MermaidofZennor Sat 13-Aug-16 15:33:47

link here don't click it

PootlewasthebestFlump Sat 13-Aug-16 15:54:25

I'm on a Samsung galaxy. Logged in (last time I wasn't logged in). Had been on the thread a lot, clicked off it then on and there she was in all her glory.

WeldMeDaphne Sat 13-Aug-16 18:04:16

I've just had a weird redirect- was on the bending underwires thread 😳 I'm on an iPhone 6.

KatherineMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 17-Aug-16 17:19:04

Hi all,

There are quite a few threads running about pop-ups at the moment. It's an incredibly frustrating issue and one that we are working hard to get to the bottom of.

To try and simplify things could we please ask everyone to post their problems and feedback here: www.mumsnet.com/Talk/site_stuff/2709956-Being-redirected?

This is where we will be posting updates, too, so please do check back.

Our apologies once again, and thanks so much for all your help. flowers

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