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GrumpyMcGrumpFace Wed 10-Aug-16 23:23:01

Hello - I log into MN via FB on the computer, but this doesn't seem to be an available option to get on the app. How do I get into my account on the app - do I need to set up an email/password on the computer first, or is there a less faffy way? TIA

TimMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 11-Aug-16 10:12:47

Hey Grumpy - that's a good question!

If you currently log in via FaceBook, you can still use a password/email to log in. Unfortunately we don't yet support Facebook log in on the app, but here's what you need to do to use your account on the app with an email and password:

- Log Out
- Select 'Forgotten Your Password?'
- Enter the email you use for your Facebook log in, and reset the password.
- You should receive an email with a link to reset the password
- This password can now be used to log into the app
- Your Facebook login will still work on the website

Sorry for all the faff! Let us know if you have any problems.

GrumpyMcGrumpFace Thu 11-Aug-16 16:42:45

thank you very much Tim, will give it a go.

TimMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 03-Oct-16 15:02:35

Just to check, have there been any other problems with the logging in?

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