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Why don't we have a sleepy emoticon?

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DangerQuakeRhinoSnake Fri 29-Jul-16 11:20:42

It would be so well used on MN. All those heavily pregnant ladies, mums of newborns, mums of toddlers, those waiting for errant dc/dps/dcats to come home (late), those with noisy neighbours, various health issues ... The list goes on!

paxillin Sun 31-Jul-16 12:58:09

It would be a marvellous addition to the passive aggressive repertoire. One can already call bullshit: hmm and wha'evva: biscuit without having to use words. We could say "booooring", too without being brave enough to say it.

DangerQuakeRhinoSnake Sun 31-Jul-16 16:29:13

You're so right Pax I hadn't even thought of that grin

PresidentOliviaMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 31-Jul-16 20:44:42

We will put your request to the powers that be.
Can't we just zzzzzz instead though?

DangerQuakeRhinoSnake Mon 01-Aug-16 07:49:19

Thanks Olivia.

Of course we could put zzzzz but I hardly ever see anyone do that and I do think a sleepy face would pack more punch!

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