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Samkate Wed 20-Jul-16 08:33:52

How do I view the threads I've bookmarked?

KatherineMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 21-Jul-16 11:27:30

Hi Samkate - you can view the threads you are watching here:

- this is just underneath the 'Talk' icon: Active| I'm on| I'm watching| I started| Last 15 minutes| Last hour| Last Day

Do shout with any problems.

Samkate Thu 21-Jul-16 14:21:30

Thanks for replying.
I've looked on there before. It only shows the threads that I have commented on.
It doesn't show the ones that I've not contributed to but just bookmarked.

yoink Thu 21-Jul-16 14:24:31

do you mean you've clicked on the 'bookmark' button? Because that just bookmarks which post you're up to on a thread. So if it's a long thread and you want to finish it later you can bookmark it so you go straight to where you were up to.

Samkate Sun 24-Jul-16 15:30:43

Ah that's where I'm going wrong then!
Is there not a way to subscribe to a thread then so that I can easily find it again another time to see if there has been an ipdate?
Or is that why people write a comment on a thread to 'bookmark' it and find it easily again later on the 'threads I'm watching'?

cozietoesie Sun 24-Jul-16 16:42:08

People often post on a thread in that way so that they can eg both find it quickly in the 'I'm On' category but also see the MNHQ message if the thread is deleted. (Deletion messages only come up in the 'I'm On' category on the main site ie not on the app. I don't know about the mobile site, I'm afraid, because I rarely access it.)

I think that the easiest thing to do from your perspective would be to 'Watch' a thread (which should also give you the option in Customise of receiving an email when there has been a new post) and also to bookmark the last post you read so that you can be taken there quickly if you open the thread.

You might also find it convenient to use the 'colour changes' as a rough and ready guide to whether threads have been posted on although that rather assumes that you're not clearing everything, every time you use the particular device. (Such actions would likely mean that everything would look new to you.)

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