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Site Still playing up on twatphone

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exLtEveDallas Sun 10-Jul-16 22:09:35


I'm still having issues with using MN on the twatphone and have just read another post where someone else is having the same issues. You were going to get Tech to have a look (when they were trying to work out why buttons were missing and jumping about on the mobile site) but nothing yet.

I phone
iOS 9.3.2

when I try to open the site thru Safari it automatically switches to the app. If I am already on the site but switch to something else (say FB) it logs me off, loses the page I was on and tries to open the app.

If I successfully log on it automatically takes me to the mobile site. Even if I was on desktop before.

Desktop is unreadable. It's tiny font (smaller than when you first changed the font) and doesn't resize when I 'stretch' the page (2 finger thing). It used to do that dynamic sizing thing but now won't.

Please don't tell me to use the app. I hate it.

And the mobile site just bugs me - I have to refresh all the time, it doesn't show who the last poster was, it's not as user friendly as the desktop site.

It's putting me off. Today was the longest I've spent on here in days and its seriously riled me up. I used to be here all the time, but if its mobile site or nothing...well sad

DawnMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 12-Jul-16 00:31:14

Hi exLtEve

Huge apologies for the delay here.

We're really sorry you're having so many issues with the mobile site. We've flagged this thread to our Tech team and hopefully someone will be along soon to explain (or better still, solve!) these issues.


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