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Can we have a

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Queensbelfastvcisasexistprat Wed 06-Jul-16 05:37:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Queensbelfastvcisasexistprat Wed 06-Jul-16 07:48:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WipsGlitter Wed 06-Jul-16 07:53:03

Is that not what local is for?

Interesting username!

LegArmpits Wed 06-Jul-16 07:56:08

I totally though this was for people who didn't iron.

Queensbelfastvcisasexistprat Wed 06-Jul-16 08:01:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LizKeen Wed 06-Jul-16 09:10:16

Well Scotsnet isn't in local.

Local is local. Very specific. We want a board on the main boards which is a general board for people from all over NI and people from NI who live elsewhere.

I am also curious about your username OP.

Queensbelfastvcisasexistprat Wed 06-Jul-16 09:11:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LizKeen Wed 06-Jul-16 09:14:14

Very accurate name then.

Trooperslane Wed 06-Jul-16 09:18:40

I'm in Scotland but NornIrn through and through and I'm REALLY NOSY.

I'm in smile

dramalamma Wed 06-Jul-16 09:29:59

That would be great! My local area one is dead as a football so would love to have somewhere with the whole region in it.

dramalamma Wed 06-Jul-16 09:31:07

Well I didn't know door nail would autocorrect to football..... Though happy for football to be dead too at the moment (sick of the euros!)

katiegg Wed 06-Jul-16 09:41:41

Yes please!

Sirona Wed 06-Jul-16 15:07:35

In too as the local board has tumbleweed blowing through it.

Cocolepew Wed 06-Jul-16 16:08:03

Yay! We can talk about food forever 😁

Wolfiefan Wed 06-Jul-16 16:10:57

Great idea. I'm not in your part of the world. But if they do set this up I will be begging for a Veda package! (Spelling?!)

Queensbelfastvcisasexistprat Wed 06-Jul-16 16:31:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JasperDamerel Wed 06-Jul-16 16:41:01

Me, too. I live in Yorkshire now, and don't want something quite as specifically local as the local boards get. And sometimes, I want a space to be Northern Irish in without annoying any English people who are around.

Paniniswapx3 Wed 06-Jul-16 16:44:19

I'm in the West Midlands but Belfast through & through so I'm in (& could happily reminisce & talk about NI all day!).

goddessoftheharvest Wed 06-Jul-16 19:34:35

Me please

Jasper you must be the only other Georgette fangirl in NI, apart from me grin

goddessoftheharvest Wed 06-Jul-16 19:36:37

Also the QUB VC hates sixth century historians. Probably the most innocuous group of people you could think of, but hey

TapDancingPimp Wed 06-Jul-16 19:41:01

Count me in!

HarlettOScara Wed 06-Jul-16 19:41:14

Yes! We definitely need a Norn Irn net.

wigglesrock Wed 06-Jul-16 20:20:43

Oh I'd quite like a Northern Ireland thread/board too - local doesn't really do much - never has, always been a bit of an unused entity. But please don't call it Norn Iron or have any reference to "wee" in the name.

Whatdoesaduckdo Wed 06-Jul-16 21:06:52

I'm in - a place to swap tray bake recipes forever

WaitrosePigeon Wed 06-Jul-16 23:05:22

What is a norn iron? A type of iron? I'm confused.

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