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Hide sporner corner

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LowAMH Tue 05-Jul-16 02:03:30


Is there any way to hide a topic from showing in active convos?

Would really like to hide all threads from sporner corner as the titles make me feel sick when they appear in active threads!


TanteRose Tue 05-Jul-16 02:48:07

Oh god, I'm with you there, OP.
I keep meaning to Hide that topic to <boak>

And now I have done just that.

You need to click on the downward arrow next to Talk at the top of the screen on your computer. Click customise and then scroll down to Manage hidden Topics and Threads. You can then choose which Topics to exclude. Sporners is part of In the Club so find that, select it, and then click Move selected to excluded.

Hope that works!

LittleSparkes Fri 08-Jul-16 15:44:27

Why does this even exist? Gross

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