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Making it easier to navigate threads..

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ProfessorPreciseaBug Mon 20-Jun-16 06:27:28

MN is really good and gets lots of posts. But that can make it difficult to keep trwck lf what is said where.

Unlike many other forums, MN does not have a post counter... Post 1,2,3....893 894 would nake it easier to read when flipping a thread..

Also how about a "last" link to the last post in a thread... as it is you have to open a thread then go to the last page.. double the operations to get to what you want to see. ?

pretty please...

LadyStarkOfWinterfell Mon 20-Jun-16 06:30:13

Do you know about the bookmark function? That deals with both your issues

QuinionsRainbow Mon 20-Jun-16 14:06:42

And how about a true "thread" structure, so that a response to a post half way down the thread gets inserted indented immediately below that post, rather than being tacked on, often apparently irrelevantly, at the bottom.

Gruach Mon 20-Jun-16 14:13:08

But Quinions what would be the point of responding to a post halfway down without first having read to the end of the thread ? Several other people may have made the same point in the second half of the thread.

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