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Queen's birthday party = goady fuckers to the extreme tonight??

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Queenbean Mon 13-Jun-16 00:06:04

SO MANY weird and goady threads tonight. MNHQ going to be busy with deletions.

Brought on by too many jam sandwiches at these garden parties? Or full moon? Or are some people just dickheads?

emotionsecho Mon 13-Jun-16 00:08:23

Just tiresome dickheads with nowt better to do.

tigerdriverII Mon 13-Jun-16 00:08:45

Or maybe, just maybe, not everyone is a Royalist??? Haven't seen goady threads myself, which is a shame, as I'd have joined in.

Queenbean Mon 13-Jun-16 00:11:18

It's not really anti-Royalist threads Tiger, I respect people have differing opinions. There's just some really weird stuff about, lots of weird violence related stuff which is in very bad taste considering recent events

tigerdriverII Mon 13-Jun-16 00:16:31

Fair nuff. I'm totally not a Royalist, but I certainly don't wish them any harm. I just wish they'd skip off to Balmoral and stay there.

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