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Floating logo/masthead thingy

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MackerelOfFact Mon 06-Jun-16 16:29:44

Is there a way to disable this? I have all of the settings muted so I can browse surreptitiously at work, and I have to scroll quickly past the logo at the top, but the Mumsnet logo that keeps popping up at the top of my screen is repeatedly outing me!

BertieBotts Mon 06-Jun-16 20:07:07

I'm finding that it only turns up when I scroll up and disappears again when I scroll down?

BertieBotts Mon 06-Jun-16 20:08:39

By which I mean, is it the same for you? I dislike floaty menu bar things but I can just about live with this one if it continues to behave like that (it's a useful jump to the top link I suppose)

BertieBotts Mon 06-Jun-16 20:09:54

Although, actually, now I look at it, it is completely useless since it doesn't have a link to Active or I'm on which is invariably where I want to go when I've finished browsing a thread... so yes bearable but I don't see myself ever using it.

ABCAlwaysBeCunting Mon 06-Jun-16 20:32:14

I don't like it, MN!

It makes it really obvious that you're looking at the internet at work. Plus I hate floating top bars. Can we disable it by choice?

AuntieStella Mon 06-Jun-16 21:04:46

I would like to turn it off too.

I don't use those buttons much, so all it's doing is getting in the way (if I've scrolled, and then can't read the first bit of where I chose to stop because it appears and blocks a few lines) or being a distraction and clutter.

SilkandSteel Mon 06-Jun-16 22:10:46

Yes I agree, it is extremely irritating. Coupled with the pages jumping around after loading which still hasn't been sorted after a good couple of months of reporting, I am very close to dumping Mumsnet for good!!

PausingFlatly Tue 07-Jun-16 09:07:37

Yes, please stop this. Irritating junk that leaps out and covers the content I'm actually on MN for.

Would be annoying enough if it contained anything useful.

But why on earth would I want any of those items so desperately I couldn't bear to scroll up to the top of the page for them? You know, the once in six months I might actually do something on my account? And the ironically Hopeless Search box is getting in the way of the Advanced Search box, which I do use.

I can't wait for this particular design fad to pass: it's crapping up quite a few websites I used to use easily.

DoreenLethal Tue 07-Jun-16 09:16:01

It is absolutely fucking useless. It is on delay so even if it was useful by the time it is there, I have already pressed the button that gets me to the top of the page.

Just leave things be.

MackerelOfFact Tue 07-Jun-16 09:51:26

It does seem to only be when you scroll up (which seems useless - if I'm scrolling up anyway, it's too late for a floaty bar to be helpful).

I browse MN during quiet moments at work because it's one of the few websites that's mostly just plain text and looks totally innocuous.

MoltoIncazzata Tue 07-Jun-16 13:57:17

Yes! Please can this FOTTFSOF - it's making me feel pissed and seasick at the same time! grin

KatherineMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 07-Jun-16 14:04:55

Hallo, folks - do take a look at this thread:

And let Jess know your thoughts!

SilverHawk Wed 08-Jun-16 21:38:48

Just awful. Please get rid of it.

SoupDragon Thu 09-Jun-16 14:32:50

Why did you take away the floaty bar that had useful things on it and then create a new one that has nothing useful on it? confused

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