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can you PLEASE!! lock old threads!!!

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ThatsMyStapler Thu 26-May-16 21:26:05

another frickin zombie thread

can you please just lock a thread 30 days (or whatever) after the last post! please please please!!!

BeYourselfUnlessUCanBeAUnicorn Fri 27-May-16 14:55:50

I second that! So annoying especially as I often don't check the date so don't even realise it's years old.

If the original OP wanted to post, they can always get in touch with MNHQ to ask them to unlock it. They never usually return anyway.

MrsArthurShappey Fri 27-May-16 15:02:29


RiverTam Fri 27-May-16 15:07:08

Agreed. The only person who should be able to unlock it is the OP, who may well have an update.

I also wish you would make highlighting the OP's posts the default.

BeJayKayven Fri 27-May-16 15:14:12

Good idea!

HeffalumpHistory Fri 27-May-16 15:15:58

Yes to this!

ShowOfHands Fri 27-May-16 15:17:37

I'm not sure I agree. Given the volume of threads a day, the small number of zombie threads and the equal number of legitimate resurrections, I think the disruption is negligible.

Queenbean Fri 27-May-16 15:18:53

Nooooo don't do that, sometimes it's really nice to say "what happened to this poster" etc

If there weren't absolutely stupid people who only read the OP and nothing else then they need special reading lessons or something

JuliaDreams Fri 27-May-16 15:20:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ClaudiaNaughton Fri 27-May-16 15:32:19

I've suggested before a red Z at the beginning for zombie threads then it's easy to avoid them.

KatherineMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 27-May-16 17:01:16

Hi all,

So sorry for the PITA, we will be releasing a 'zombie thread' message that will appear at the top of any old threads REALLY soon, which we hope will help a lot!

Frrrrrrippery Fri 27-May-16 17:32:43

At last!

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