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What has happened to the Archers thread. Radio Addicts is empty!

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DaisyArcher Wed 18-May-16 06:23:16

Archers thread is showing on my 'threads I'm' on but when I click I get the bloody biscuit. The whole board is empty. Is SOK responsible? Only Ambridgers will understand that and this archers

DoSomethingKirsty Wed 18-May-16 06:25:51

I am not amused by this.

DaisyArcher Wed 18-May-16 06:32:08

Oops I meant SOC not SOK, poor wee innocent mite!

0hCrepe Wed 18-May-16 06:32:57

Yes it's happening on other boards too!

BeauGlacons Wed 18-May-16 06:39:00

I think maybe they are having to have a closer look because of the personal attacks against soc which may be against the forum rules wink.

tribpot Wed 18-May-16 07:05:05

There are various boards which look to be missing threads. If I click on one I've posted on in Feminism chat I get a 'biscuit' message to say the link is broken. No sign of it if I look through the threads on the board.

Heyheyheygoodbye Wed 18-May-16 07:05:46

Buyers' Support #5 is missing from Property/DIY too sad

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