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Being redirected to random websites

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MarthaCliffYouCunt Tue 03-May-16 23:55:27

Hi not sure if this is a problem with my phone or the mobile site.

In the last 10 minutes when i have clicked on a thread or the 'active' button i have been redirected to different sites. First one was an Xrated site, next two times are what is in the photos attached.

MarthaCliffYouCunt Tue 03-May-16 23:56:56

Sorry, meant to say i am on iphone 6 on safari. OS version 9.2.1.

DoTheMLMHustle Wed 04-May-16 00:01:18

Can't see your pictures Martha but I was having this being directed to some angry birds page. If you look at the page you can find terms and conditions. I texted a number 'stop' or something and it stopped
I'm on EE

MarthaCliffYouCunt Wed 04-May-16 00:02:42

Yes the pages are blank but if you click on the photo you can see the web address.

So is it like a bug in my phone?

DoTheMLMHustle Wed 04-May-16 00:04:23

There's another thread in site stuff which suggests a bug on the site

MarthaCliffYouCunt Wed 04-May-16 00:06:58

Ah ok. Thanks dothe

ByTheWishingWell Fri 06-May-16 11:13:22

I'm having issues with this. Most recent site I was redirected to was I've been redirected to sites with pop ups about winning an iPhone that I can't get back from too.

RebeccaMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 06-May-16 13:55:20

Thanks for the report, we'll have a look into this one.

Palomb Fri 06-May-16 14:02:21

Me too all day today. Also an iPhone 6plus running current iOS. See photos.

I'm also getting redirected to some shit about Lionel Richie!

Palomb Fri 06-May-16 14:03:33

Ha Lionel Messie not Richie - shows how interested I am in fucking pop ups!

MaliaGrace Thu 12-May-16 23:31:12

Just had this ...on mobile site and was redirected to a porn website after clicking on a paticular thread in Active conversations.

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