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Hiding and unhiding threads

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NadiaWadia Fri 29-Apr-16 03:21:43

Have accidentally hidden a thread I was really interested in, and now I don't know how to unhide it! I did a search, and other people had had this problem before, people were telling them to go to 'customise' but I can't find this anywhere. I think I remember seeing it a long time ago (when I first joined Mumsnet). I can get into 'my Mumsnet' at the top of the page, but there's nothing about customising'?

Someone else said that you could go into 'active conversations' and there would be an option to 'manage hidden threads' at the bottom. I can get into active conversations, but there is no such option at the bottom for me. Anyone have any ideas?

NadiaWadia Fri 29-Apr-16 03:50:01

Sorted now. Normally I look on 'I'm watching' but I experimented and instead I went through 'I'm On' and there was a link to 'customise'. All a bit convoluted and not very straightforward I have to say!

iGoogleSoYouDontHaveTo Fri 29-Apr-16 04:16:41

I wish we could delete hidden threads. We can hide them but they stay on our account forever. I've got some real nasties hidden in mine!

FruStefanOla Fri 29-Apr-16 08:49:53

Nadia, I don't know what device you're using - or whether you are on the desktop version, the App or mobile - but on the desktop site, to the right of the word Talk is a little circle with a downward arrow in it. Click on that and it will give you a drop-down menu - one of the options is for Customise.

NadiaWadia Fri 29-Apr-16 09:04:57

blush FruStefan you are right! Never thought of clicking there before ....... Still don't think it's that obvious though, or maybe I am just being thick?

NadiaWadia Fri 29-Apr-16 09:08:46

Thanks for your help, anyway!

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