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Query about name changing

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EverySongbirdSays Sun 24-Apr-16 19:14:48

I'd like to change my name for one thread and then go back to using my current name for the rest of the site but it's come to my attention that if you namechange you can't go back. Is that right?

It's for IDing info so that my current posts can't be cross referenced with the new thread, which if they could would make me easily identifiable

cozietoesie Sun 24-Apr-16 20:09:00

You can change your name for eg a particular topic but you shouldn't eg use two names on one thread to 'back yourself up'. (Posters sometimes make errors on changing, usually to general hilarity - it comes down to acting in good faith really. smile)

EverySongbirdSays Sun 24-Apr-16 20:23:01

Say I changed by name to I dunno StarsHollow and started a thread and only posted as Stars Hollow on that thread for anonymous posts I can still use EverySongbirdSays on the rest of the site threads I'm on or if you change it does it stick?

cozietoesie Sun 24-Apr-16 20:27:38

It doesn't 'stick' except that you need to change your name in My Account if you want to use a different one. (If you find a name you like and it's 'free' then it's reserved permanently for you in your account once you set it up.) smile

WellErrr Sun 24-Apr-16 20:42:27

Yes you can. Here I am.

YouBastardSockBalls Sun 24-Apr-16 20:42:50

Oh and look I'm here too!

WellErrrr Sun 24-Apr-16 20:44:02

I'm also here <waves>

WellErrr Sun 24-Apr-16 20:44:33

But here I am, back in my comfy chair <settles> grin

WellErrr Sun 24-Apr-16 20:45:00

So yeah, go nuts!

IonaMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 24-Apr-16 21:00:46

Hi there EverySongbird! Yes, as Youbastardsockballs points out, you can change back again to your original name. We don't allow people to use the name change facility to sock puppet (post as two people on a thread in order to appear to have their opinion backed) but lots of people have a different nickname for certain topics. If you have any problems changing back just drop us a line and we should be able to help you with it.

WellErrr Sun 24-Apr-16 21:28:19

Quite correct Iona.

YouBastardSockBalls Sun 24-Apr-16 21:29:50

I agree with WellErrr as always, Iona. She's AMAZING.

WellErrr Sun 24-Apr-16 21:30:47

wink grin

IonaMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 24-Apr-16 21:41:37

WellErrr has always spoken well of you too, YouBastardSockBalls.

WellErrr Sun 24-Apr-16 22:22:37


EverySongbirdSays Sun 24-Apr-16 23:48:29

I haz namechanged I fank you.

However new name now appears as the greyed out default posting name and I want THIS name as my default posting name. I now have to retype it in every time.

EverySongbirdSays Mon 25-Apr-16 01:11:23

Have now posted with the wrong username on another thread.

Bad times. sad

WellErrr Mon 25-Apr-16 06:20:38

You have to change it back in your account.

Sorry you had a namechange fail! Try reporting it?

cozietoesie Mon 25-Apr-16 08:46:24

It happens, Every. wink

Remember, though, you (and MNHQ if they look) may know that it's you, but no-one else does. smile

RoryHuntzberger Mon 25-Apr-16 11:13:44

Ok I'll just get them to remove the second post I made highlighting my own error blush

EverySongbirdSays Mon 25-Apr-16 11:14:35

And now I've done it again - SHIT SAKE

WellErrr Mon 25-Apr-16 11:46:41


cozietoesie Mon 25-Apr-16 12:53:34

Get a third name. grin

cozietoesie Mon 25-Apr-16 12:56:52

And best stop posting till MNHQ have sorted you out.🙂

(You can confirm what name you would be posting under of course - it has it at the top of the posting box. Always check that if you'r uncertain what you're doing.)

cozietoesie Mon 25-Apr-16 12:58:10


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