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Trooperslane Tue 19-Apr-16 22:29:59

I get that the promoted posts are paid for and are I assume a big chunk of revenue, but quite often they are re quote upsetting content e.g. The Decca Aikenhead one.

I can't look at this without panicking and would like to hide it, but there no option.

I find some of them massively triggering and I'm avoiding mumsnet as a result or cringing and scrolling down really fast.

Can anything be done?

purplemoonlight Tue 19-Apr-16 22:30:57

I completely understand why this was so upsetting for you, it upset me as well, but it was Decca that it happened to. She has a right to post!

DrarryForever Tue 19-Apr-16 22:44:33

You can opt out of the sticky posts - I don't see them if I'm logged in.

If you go to where it says 'Talk' in bigger letters at the top of active convos and click on the little arrow next to it, then choose customise, one of the options is something to do with ' show sticky posts' and select no.

That's on an iPad/mobile site though, don't know if the App is different.

DrarryForever Tue 19-Apr-16 22:47:08

Sorry, it's 'ignore stickies'.

Trooperslane Tue 19-Apr-16 22:50:14

Deffo has a right to post.

But thanks for the hiding advice - I will get right on it!

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