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Why did I have to re enter password on app?

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Howaboutthisone Fri 01-Apr-16 22:35:18

Just got prompted to enter my password again on app to see threads I'm on. I've posted in the last few days and haven't been prompted to do this when I've left it longer between posting.
Hope it was kosher?

IonaMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 02-Apr-16 16:09:33

Hi there HowAboutThisOne. Thanks for letting us know about this. Had you just gone into the app again when this happened or were you already in it and just clicking on TIO when it asked for the password?

Howaboutthisone Sat 02-Apr-16 18:26:32

I was out of app, went back in to check TIO and was asked for password. I've been using the app all week so it seemed a bit strange.

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