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Where the friffity flip has Unanswered Messages gorn?

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ChaosTrulyReigns Wed 30-Mar-16 02:51:08

Pore lonely thingies now. No hope. Whatsoevah.


Oh, if you're dicking around with them, call them "Unanswered Threads" why dontcha? Much more correct, I reckon.

TanteRose Wed 30-Mar-16 03:10:20

top of the page, next to Talk is a wee downward pointing arrow - click on that and Unanswered Messages is right there

The name is I guess because its still only ONE poor message, rather than a thread...

TanteRose Wed 30-Mar-16 03:11:59

on your phone, it says Talk > Active and then the downward arrow is across on the right

IonaMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 30-Mar-16 23:11:02

Yes. What TanteRose said. Thank you TanteRose. And sorry for the shifty abouty confusion, everyone.

ChaosTrulyReigns Thu 31-Mar-16 10:36:43

Awh, Tante, you star. Is me being inept, I should investigate more before bleating.

And Cheers, IonaM for apologies.

[nice smile]

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