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Why aren't talk topic headings shown?

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Zucker Mon 28-Mar-16 23:09:58

Site stuff topic is listed under the main topic heading of Mumsnet Stuff. Why isn't this heading shown in the blue bar above. It only shows
Topics>>Site stuff rather than Topics>>MumsnetStuff>>Site Stuff.

At least it would give a user some idea what section they were in rather than clicking on topics and being confronted with the giant talk topic list again.

Maybe a better example would be the big/slim/whatever weightloss club section. If I want jump between the diets I cant I have to go back to the main topics screen and find again the big/slim/whatever section and click that to see the menu.

Topics>>Weight loss chat versus Topics>>big/slim/whatever>>weightloss chat

BeccaMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 29-Mar-16 11:48:48

Hi Zucker - thanks for posting about this. We'll have a chat about it at HQ.

We'll just bump and see if others feel the same.

Zucker Tue 29-Mar-16 14:34:23

Thanks Becca grin

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