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Advert for My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

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TheSecondOfHerName Mon 21-Mar-16 08:12:04

I understand that you need advertisers, and until now I've had no problems with the static adverts across the top of the screen (using the mobile site on a Nokia using Windows).

The new one, for the film My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, flashes fairly rapidly through different images, which is so distracting that it's now really difficult to use Mumsnet.

Please reconsider, and go back to static adverts only.

evilgiraffe Mon 21-Mar-16 08:16:09

<seconded> (using chrome and android)

Also, it says "read mumsnetter's 'big wedding' stories" - at least get the apostrophe usage right! Talk about adding insult to injury. Although I suppose there could be one poster with a whole host of wedding stories, I doubt that's the intended meaning.

TheSecondOfHerName Mon 21-Mar-16 18:53:36

Update: the MBFGW one is gone, replaced by a different one which is a lot less distracting. Thank you, MNHQ.

I have also noticed a tiny cross I can click on, which lets me give feedback about the ads. Is that new?

DawnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 21-Mar-16 20:38:24

Hi TheSecond,

Thanks for flagging that ad. It looks like our ads team have sorted that one, but please do report any others that flash at you.

And evilgiraffe, we do know about that apostrophe (there's a whole other thread about it and we're mightily ashamed) but for some reason it's proved a bit tricky to change. blush

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