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Jux Sat 12-Mar-16 14:01:38

Wanted to find a few ideas for vege lunch tomorrow, so went to recipe search, checked vege box and main box, then search.

Result: same search page but with boxes unchecked. Nothing. Tried it 2 or 3 times.

BeccaMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 13-Mar-16 11:51:35

Hi Jux - thanks so much for flagging this. We'll take a closer look.

Were you using the desktop site on a computer or Mac?

Jux Sun 13-Mar-16 12:26:24

Desktop site, on iPad via Safari. All software up to date.

FruStefanOla Sun 13-Mar-16 14:33:49

I've just searched the recipe section for vegetarian meals and found over 1,200 recipes

Jux Mon 14-Mar-16 12:38:59

Fru, your link worked, so thank you!

Sadly, when I used the advanced search button at the bottom of the page and tried vege and main, it still didn't work for me. Are you using an iPad and a browser, or are you on pc or using the MN app?

Luckily, I can get your search results!

FruStefanOla Mon 14-Mar-16 14:46:30

Hi Jux. I'm on a MacBookPro using Safari. (Grrr; personally I prefer Firefox - but, hey ho!)

I have no idea what might happen on an iPad - I do have one, but tend to use the laptop for my MNing - on the whole! But when I use my iPad, I always use 'desktop' anyway too.

Jux Mon 14-Mar-16 18:53:33

Strange. I shall send dd a link and see what happens.

Jux Mon 14-Mar-16 19:33:59

DD is on a tablet, using Windows 10. It doesn't work, clicking vege and main, for her either. Same with dh on a tower system with W7.

However, if I only click vege and no other section, then it works. I think that's what Fru did.

Is that how it's meant to work? Only one section?

BeccaMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 15-Mar-16 17:05:12

Hmm I've been testing this and I'm having the same issue. Will send it over to Tech. Apologies for the delay Jux.

Jux Tue 15-Mar-16 23:53:55

Don't worry!

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