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Stratter5 Tue 08-Mar-16 23:52:13

DO something.*

< thunders>

< angryStratters>


*pleaseandthankyou wine

DonkeyOaty Tue 08-Mar-16 23:59:03

< oo er>

< strokes chin-s->

DonkeyOaty Tue 08-Mar-16 23:59:42

< how v v strange>

ILeaveTheRoomForTwoMinutes Wed 09-Mar-16 00:00:42

< wonders whats broken >

tried to post and knows what's broken

Strange confused

DonkeyOaty Wed 09-Mar-16 00:01:22

Getting "message invalid" in SCARY RED YOU'VE BEEN NORTY type if no space between first creepy wee bracket and phrase


RafaIsTheKingOfClay Wed 09-Mar-16 00:02:57

I keep getting that Donkey

RafaIsTheKingOfClay Wed 09-Mar-16 00:03:19

< testing>

IamtheZombie Wed 09-Mar-16 00:03:32

Poor creepy wee brackets. Sniff.

RafaIsTheKingOfClay Wed 09-Mar-16 00:03:49

Now I get it. Very strange.

ouryve Wed 09-Mar-16 00:04:35

< interesting >

Message is invalid?

Kleptronic Wed 09-Mar-16 00:06:19

So they are. I bet you a packet of Haribos it's a newfangled anti-hacker device Tech has rolled out.

DonkeyOaty Wed 09-Mar-16 00:06:52

we are v late to thus party

[heavy sigh] [story of my life] [glum]

DonkeyOaty Wed 09-Mar-16 00:07:56


Fuck orf phone < throws phone out of the window >

Stratter5 Wed 09-Mar-16 00:12:45


I knows you DonkeyOaty < taps side of nose>

Stratter5 Wed 09-Mar-16 00:15:17

Is bedtime. Has been a most perplexing and odd day.

The blatant meddling with the creepy wee brackets is NOT HELPING.

Kindly sort by the morning. Around 11ish will do. No school run, no builders, no deliveries = massive lie in for once.

MissBeaHaving Wed 09-Mar-16 00:21:53

<what are you on about>

RafaIsTheKingOfClay Wed 09-Mar-16 00:27:36

< but...but... how did you do that?>

badg3r Wed 09-Mar-16 00:28:50


Stratter5 Wed 09-Mar-16 00:29:05


badg3r Wed 09-Mar-16 00:30:31


ILeaveTheRoomForTwoMinutes Wed 09-Mar-16 00:54:14

It really doesn't like double creepy brackets even with spaces

MissBeaHaving Wed 09-Mar-16 01:39:56


FruStefanOla Wed 09-Mar-16 07:11:00

< hello >

ooh er missus - how weird - they're broken for me too.

Scone1nSixtySeconds Wed 09-Mar-16 07:48:42

< I love the creepy wee brackets>


Scone1nSixtySeconds Wed 09-Mar-16 07:49:10

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