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I this a genuine email? Download new test version of talk?

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sidsgranny Thu 03-Mar-16 10:13:50

Just received this:


New Talk version to test
We have a version of Talk app we'd like you to take a look at.

You will be getting an email from TestFlight to download Mumsnet Talk app 3.2 (15)

Testing instructions:
Download Talk app from Testflight and log in
Change your username using the app
Use Talk app as you normally do for a few sessions or days (maybe take note of how you feel about using the app and of anything new to you)
Answer the survey we'll send you in a few days time
Feel free to email any comments or questions in the meantime
The test version will overwrite the current Talk app on your phone - you can get this back from App store later. The test version will show an orange dot next to its app icon on your home screen.

If you no longer have Testflight app on your phone, you can download it again: Testflight on App store
(The links you need will also be in the email from Testflight.)
Anything else... ask by reply to this email.

Mumsnet researcher



Is this a scam email or genuine??

LateToTheParty Thu 03-Mar-16 10:30:51

I've had the same email, having signed up to test a previous version, and separately I've had an email from Apple TestFlight advising of an update with the same version number so seems as if it's legit.

HungoverLikeaSpunMoorhenChick Thu 03-Mar-16 10:31:40


TheBoysMamma Thu 03-Mar-16 10:48:50

I was going to ask the same question. In the to box it says it was sent to someone with a different but similar name to me though the email address was wrong so not sure about it

cozietoesie Thu 03-Mar-16 10:56:01

Out of interest, are we being instructed to change names to test this or is that just an indication that the facility is now available on it ?

cozietoesie Thu 03-Mar-16 10:58:30

Ah. I've received the TestFlight invitation. It seems that name-changing is available if you want to do it.

FrannyMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 03-Mar-16 10:59:12

Hello all

Yes, it is a genuine message from us.

And you can safely download the Talk app from Testflight.

Thanks for checking. We know this kind of message can feel suspicious.

If you want to update any details that are incorrect you can email direct to

We'll send a survey out in a day or two.


Loveleopardprint Thu 03-Mar-16 11:05:09

I have downloaded it, so glad it is real!! Now I am playing detective and trying to spit the differences.
So far only found a change of colour to op post and user names.

TheBoysMamma Thu 03-Mar-16 13:20:28

Thanks Franny. Will download it smile

Loveleopardprint Fri 04-Mar-16 10:07:21

App seems to be working well. Cannot see any differences to the old app apart from the colour changes.

FrannyMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 04-Mar-16 10:49:18

leopardprint - have you tried changing your username?

Loveleopardprint Fri 04-Mar-16 10:51:12

No! Doh!! Will do that.

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