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The Ad team YABVVVU

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TheAussieProject Mon 29-Feb-16 22:18:39

(1) So, I fully understand the need of ad and have no problem as long as they are not affecting my MN experience. But when the NAB ad makes a quarter of my screen black, without any "close x" button, it is really annoying.

(2) and please how much is too much in your book. One screen 4 ads, including the curtains ones on the side covering text I have to close one by one? You are kidding, right?

Whatever you do from now on, don't you dare touch my MN's menu, cover topics and mess in any other way with my enjoyment. Hands off!!!!!!

Reading from a Macbook Pro and safari

TheAussieProject Mon 29-Feb-16 22:35:35

And as you may have noted, I posted twice by error (sorry), because everything looked frozen and after several minutes, I refreshed.

FishWithABicycle Tue 01-Mar-16 08:57:42

I just came to start a similar thread about the mobile version of the site. This is what I see trying to read a thread.

Trying to close the ad and clicking "ad covers the page" doesn't make it go away - I just had to give up on reading that page.

Happy for mn to have advertising revenue but please stop making the adverts prevent us from using the site.

FishWithABicycle Tue 01-Mar-16 23:38:49

It's back again.

BeccaMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 03-Mar-16 11:09:12

Hi both - we'll get these screenshots to our Ads team. Thank you so much for flagging and we're sorry they've caused so much disruption brew cake

BeccaMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 03-Mar-16 11:36:08

Hi both - these should be sorted now, but do shout if you continue to see them, or if there are any others we can take a look at. Thanks so much again for flagging.

FishWithABicycle Thu 03-Mar-16 19:27:16

Thank you!

TheAussieProject Fri 04-Mar-16 18:48:27

Hi Becca and the Ad team, since I posted everything has been fine, so thank you.

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