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EU or Apple Crumble?

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thebiscuitindustry Sat 27-Feb-16 21:57:48

Two of the EU-related links on the MN home page are currently pointing to an apple crumble recipe.

cozietoesie Sat 27-Feb-16 22:30:49

I've got the main title linking to a slow cooker apple and berry crumble recipe but the bottom one is fine.

thebiscuitindustry Sun 28-Feb-16 00:05:48

"EU referendum: your thoughts?" goes to apple crumble

The accompanying image also links to apple crumble

"Should the UK leave the EU?" goes to the correct page

cozietoesie Sun 28-Feb-16 00:13:22

Ah - got you. (I hadn't clicked the image.)

It looks like a complicated recipe by the way. I just throw crumbles together at a quick speed. (And prepare lashings of double cream not creme fraiche.) grin

BeccaMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 28-Feb-16 12:11:15

Oh dear blush

We'll get this changed asap.

and then go eat apple crumble

cozietoesie Sun 28-Feb-16 13:06:23

Ah - the crumble has gone.

Thanks Becca. And I hope the crumble was good. smile

thebiscuitindustry Sun 28-Feb-16 13:48:11

Thanks Becca! smile

WhiskyTangoFoxtrot Sun 28-Feb-16 16:22:40

Sounds like a hell of a better choice than the real referendum question!

thebiscuitindustry Sun 28-Feb-16 16:23:21


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