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TIO weirdness

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ouryve Sun 14-Feb-16 16:13:55

Just had a panic seeing one of my posts in TIO - it said "He's making you happy" and I was mortified because it was supposed to be "he's not making you happy." I thought I'd made a typo on my phone (on my laptop now - latest firefox on Windows 8). Clicked on it and was relieved to find out that I had included the not.

Went back to TIO and the not was gone again.

Out of curiosity, I refreshed the TIO page and the not appeared again. Then disappeared.

Tried a few times and noticed that the not vanished each time the video loaded, on the right.

ouryve Sun 14-Feb-16 16:18:28

Just looked at the page source with DH and the not is in the source. For some reason it's getting cut out of the TIO page, though

cozietoesie Sun 14-Feb-16 18:36:05

Well that one will give Tech a sleepless night. grin Wow.

ouryve Sun 14-Feb-16 20:09:25

It's rather bizarre! DH does this sort of stuff for a living and ended up scratching his head!

And I've found no known issues with Firefox or anything. It sometimes does funny things if a font is missing, but that's not an issue here.

ouryve Sun 14-Feb-16 20:16:55

As an experiment, since it's disappeared off TIO now we can only have the 5 most recent posts...

He's not making you happy...

ouryve Sun 14-Feb-16 20:18:03

Bugger. Too long.

He's not making you happy.

ouryve Sun 14-Feb-16 20:20:42


ouryve Sun 14-Feb-16 20:21:52

He's not

(Don't mind me)

ouryve Sun 14-Feb-16 20:22:47

He's not making

ouryve Sun 14-Feb-16 20:23:35

Didn't work

He's not making

ouryve Sun 14-Feb-16 20:24:46

Sorry, again.

He's not making you happy. I need to play with this and the above ones didn't do it.

DonkeyOaty Sun 14-Feb-16 20:27:16

Oooh very odd

Te-ech coo eeee!

ouryve Sun 14-Feb-16 20:40:23

It's extremely odd. The same is happening on both Chrome and IE, as well as firefox. Playing about with extensions made no difference in firefox (which is why I had to make it happen yet again)

Maybe the script that compiles TIO is in denial about something grin

cozietoesie Mon 15-Feb-16 00:10:19

Unauthorised editing of words on a site which is all about posting? That's serious.

Even just removing the 'not's is bad enough.

(I may have seen too many movies about central computers suddenly leaping to intelligence but the implications of a computer that's taken against negatives are possibly even more worrying!)

'Day and night are one to us'. grin

ouryve Mon 15-Feb-16 15:34:32


It's the apostrophe! Tech, you've got some buggy parsing code, there!

cozietoesie Mon 15-Feb-16 15:42:18

Ah - the system doesn't like 'had' (due to apostrophes) either?

What could be next I wonder! grin

ouryve Mon 15-Feb-16 16:00:11

It was fine with the in my post above. That was different because it had images, though.

(Yes, it's half term, I really do have nothing better to do, apart from keep the boys on separate floors of the house so they don't kill each other!)

cozietoesie Mon 15-Feb-16 16:11:16

When it takes against the definite article, I think we may be doomed. grin

ouryve Mon 15-Feb-16 17:26:41

This one was meant to be.

Don't get on with it at all.

cozietoesie Mon 15-Feb-16 17:54:05

'Get' and 'had' now out? Looks as if this system's a literary stylist. grin

AmyGMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 15-Feb-16 18:43:25

Hello! <screeching tyre noise>

So sorry for the late reply.

Sorry to hear about this, we're going to get Tech on the case asap. Thanks very much for all the useful information you've given us here - we'll post again once Tech have let us know what the issue is flowers

ouryve Mon 15-Feb-16 22:14:57

I'm surprised I wasn't banned on sight for my ramblings, tbh.

I do like a bit of code weirdness, though. It's the sort of thing that DH can spend an afternoon swearing at before realising he's done something really silly, like forgetting that something's case sensitive or forgetting that something important has been commented out.

Out of interest, even though it happens in all 3 of the browsers I have on my laptop, it doesn't happen on my phone. Also, the images turned out to make no difference, as it happened to my 17:26 post in this thread, even though it didn't happen to my 15:34 post.

ouryve Mon 15-Feb-16 23:10:33

Oh! Ooh!

In HoneyDragon's biscuit thread. 1st 3 letters of there got eaten.

SnuffleGruntSnorter Mon 15-Feb-16 23:25:27

I knew honey dragon would be implicated in this.

ouryve Mon 15-Feb-16 23:26:38

This is why we need the biscuit.

With sufficient biscuits, random words wouldn't be eaten.

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