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Desktop version switching to app?

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HicDraconis Sun 14-Feb-16 09:57:08

I use the desktop version on my iPhone. I like it, I like the layout, I don't like the app or the mobile site, have tried both.

If I open the page from Safari it works fine first off. If I then switch to another app or put the phone down for a while, when I go back into Safari to the MN open page it automatically opens in the app instead. I then go back to Safari and the page won't load - so I have to close the page, open a new one and navigate back to whichever thread I was reading.

It's a little thing, but it's irritating! iPhone 5s, Safari.

magictorch Sun 14-Feb-16 10:43:30

I came on to say the same thing.

Doing. My. Head. In.

cozietoesie Sun 14-Feb-16 13:12:25

I use Firefox and not Safari (which I hate.) You come to enjoy the app though. smile It may not have all the facilities of the main site but it's pretty good to use as a commonplace.

TheSkiingGardener Sun 14-Feb-16 19:06:30

Same here. Stop it!

MiracletoCome Sun 14-Feb-16 19:15:17

I wondered what was going on, it's extremely annoying

bringmelaughter Sun 14-Feb-16 20:30:33

I have the opposite problem. I like the mobile version but mine keeps flicking to desktop on my iPhone..... irritating.

RustyBear Mon 15-Feb-16 13:45:45

I came on to see if there was a thread about this - I think it's due to the latest app update, which I got on Friday.

It says 'Thanks to your feedback we've made the following changes....
Universal links - open Mumsnet links topics and threads in the Mumsnet app'
Apparently whether you want to or not...

If I'm following a link from an email to one of my watched threads, I can hold the link and choose Open in Safari. It seems to 'remember' this for a random amount of time, but then reverts to opening links in the app (not sure whether this is related to whether I have closed any of the apps involved (Mail, Safari, MN app) in the meantime.

Most annoying one is when I'm on a thread in Safari, go to another site on that tab and then use the back button to return to the MN page it sometimes, but not always, opens the page in the app!

(iPad Air2 on iOS 9.2.1 and iPhone 6 on 9.2)

BeccaMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 16-Feb-16 12:03:12

Hi all - oooh this is interesting. As bringmelaughter says, some posters have been having the mobile site flicking to the desktop.

Has anyone noticed any patterns with it?
Particular times when it's happened, e.g. opening threads on particular topics?

Could everyone who hasn't said so far let us know what browsers they're using?

bringmelaughter Tue 16-Feb-16 19:15:24

Hi Beccamumsnet
Mine's fine again today. I'm on iPhone 5 ios 9.2.1

DawnMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 16-Feb-16 20:26:25

Glad to hear it, bringmelaughter.

How's everyone else getting on?

RustyBear Wed 17-Feb-16 07:58:47

Haven't had the problem since Monday.

MiracletoCome Wed 17-Feb-16 12:18:38

Mine does it on my iPad on Safari if I do a search for a thread, if I open a thread in a list I have bought up in a search it takes me to the app. If I just go to talk or active threads it's ok. Its only when I search it happens

AmyGMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 17-Feb-16 14:23:48

Hi all

Thanks for bearing with us while we looked into this one.

This is due to something called 'universal linking' - a feature means that links open the right app if it's available, as apps tend to offer a better experience for mobile users.

Fortunately universal links gives the user the option to 'opt out' of using universal links. Once the web version jumps to the app, you should be able to se an option in the top-right to continue to ''.

If you select that, then safari will stop redirecting to the app every time a user opens a talk thread.

Really hope that helps! flowers

ophiotaurus Thu 18-Feb-16 02:55:42

This kept happening to me so I deleted the app.

Excited101 Thu 18-Feb-16 09:02:13

I think this is what's happening to me... I get to choose a colour hmm and it then becomes (imo) pretty unusble.

I think it must be the app opening then, that makes sense- I never use it. Deleting sounds like a good plan.

BeccaMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 18-Feb-16 13:07:51

Hi both - as AmyG has said, there should be the option to 'opt out' of using universal links.

"Once the web version jumps to the app, you should be able to see an option in the top-right to continue to ''. If you select that, then safari will stop redirecting to the app every time a user opens a talk thread."

Is this not happening for you both? Which devices are you using?

Excited101 Thu 18-Feb-16 17:14:29

I'm using an iPhone 6, latest software...

I've deleted the app now smile

ophiotaurus Thu 18-Feb-16 21:45:07

There was no option for me. iPhone 6s with latest iOS.
I was trying to look up something about high temperatures late last night and was panicking as I like the layout of the mobile site so just deleted it.

RustyBear Thu 18-Feb-16 23:39:48

My iPad and iPhone seem to have learned not to open links in the app since I used the 'hold and select Open in Safari' method (the context menu) I described upthread a few times.

You can see the link Amy and Becca are referring to in this screenshot from my iPhone - I had to use the reverse method and choose 'open in talk app' from an email link to get that, as my phone's no longer switching to the app, automatically as it was on Sunday.

Now both devices will open in whichever app (Safari or MNTalk) I last told it to use, and I can switch whenever I want using the context menu or the links at the top (there's one in Safari to take you to the app as well)

Excited101 Fri 19-Feb-16 09:07:52

Though one thing I would be asking would be 'why doesn't anyone WANT to use the app...?' (Does anyone use the app for talk?)

HicDraconis Fri 19-Feb-16 09:56:03

The app isn't nearly as easy to use as the desktop version, even on iphone. It doesn't have most active (which is mostly how I browse), it doesn't have the same layout with lists of threads, OP, latest post etc. It's just easier to use the full desktop version, the app just becomes irritating. I honestly tried to like it!

Still happening to me (iphone 5 and iPad mini). Nothing in the top right hand corner to continue to the website, although there is a left hand button to go back to Safari - if I choose it, it goes back to Safari but the webpage doesn't load so I have to close the window then reopen it.

It seems to happen if I have MN open in Safari in the background while I use other apps - when I go back to Safari and select the MN page it then jumps to the app.

ophiotaurus Sat 20-Feb-16 22:37:05

All the suggestions that I made for the app were ignored in testing. I only had it on my phone from being a beta tester but they didn't take any of my ideas on board so I stuck with the mobile site.
Basically was fed up being ignored. They didn't even say why they didn't agree with my comments. Just ignored me.

BeccaMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 21-Feb-16 17:31:14

Hi all - many thanks for the feedback here regarding the app. We do always like to hear where we can improve. Please do continue to do post any comments or suggestions here and we'll pass them on.

HicDraconis Sat 14-May-16 12:13:33

This stopped for a while but has restarted.

Open safari, head to mumsnet & talk, browse, fine. Turn phone off, or switch to another app for something and when I go back to the MN page in Safari, it redirects to the app (but not the thread I was on even!).

When I use "return to safari" top left, it goes back to safari but not to MN, just an empty headed page. So have to reopen mn, go back to talk & then find the thread I was on. By which time it's been deleted but there you go. I used to be able to save threads to read on flights, can't do that now.

I still don't like the app 😄

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