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Why can't I log in anymore?

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HelpMeLogIn Sat 06-Feb-16 20:37:24

I've had to rejoin with another email and username just to write this! Every time I tried to log in it told me that I had to use my email address and password. I know that!! That's what I did!! Aaargh! Just let me log in for christs sake. Can anybody get back to me on why it keeps doing this? Has Jeffrey been playing silly buggers again?

RudeElf Sat 06-Feb-16 20:41:04

Were you a bit naughty and got banned? They dont tell you theyre banning you. Email HQ through the contactus email.

HelpMeLogIn Sat 06-Feb-16 20:52:53

I shouldn't think so, I can't imagine I've written anything to cause anyone the slightest bit of offence. I haven't been on here much either lately. I couldn't contact them when I couldn't log in. I'll try it now, thanks.

RudeElf Sat 06-Feb-16 20:55:23

Hope you get sorted

HelpMeLogIn Sat 06-Feb-16 21:11:22

Thanks. grin

BeccaMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 07-Feb-16 12:10:43

Hi HelpMeLogIn - do you want to drop us a line at Then we can figure out what's going on.

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