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Should it be so easy to search for a user's posting history?

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longestlurkerever Thu 28-Jan-16 14:53:12

This arose on another thread and there was a difference of opinion so I'm posting here for views. Should it be so easy to search for and produce a list of all a poster's previous comments across the site? I'm not that comfortable with the idea that if I start a thread in eg primary education another poster can (and frequently does, as new posters are often greeted with "welcome to mumsnet" snarky comments) do a quick search and find out that I've posted about my unrelated health problems, financial background, home town or whatever. I'm happy posting these things in isolation on relevant threads but am not sure there's any genuine need for someone outside of mumsnet hq to so readily access a full picture of my life.

I realise I could just namechange regularly but that has its own drawbacks so I just wondered if other people felt the same. Perhaps the search function should work so it only brings up posts that have a particular username and another search term, for example? So you could bring up posts by me that mentioned eg London but readers of my posts about that wouldn't also be treated to an insight into my bowel habits or trouble with dc's behaviour, for example.

paxillin Thu 28-Jan-16 18:30:08

I sometimes wonder, but it has stopped me from posting if an op was a bit iffy and a quick search revealed a list of goadyfuckkery as long as my arm. It is useful, I sometimes remember who did a thread rather than the exact title or time.

I guess that is what the name change facility can be used for, the danger is you forget what name you used yourself for something.

off to do an in-depth search on op's bowel habits

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