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Shouldn't there be some kind of track on user name changes?

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Stillunexpected Mon 25-Jan-16 15:06:52

It seems that provocative or deliberately goady posts are on the increase on MN and they are usually from people with no posting history. Sometimes I can kind of understand from the OP why someone might have wanted to name change, then I get drawn into a thread and after perhaps several pages realise that the scenario is getting more outlandish and is highly likely a troll but it often takes time to realise this. Is is technically possible to keep track of user names so that if someone name changes, searching on the new name wouldn't show their previous name(s) but could show that they have been a member since 2013 or whatever. I just think it should give people some reassurance before investing time in trying to advise/help someone with their problem?

intothebreach Mon 25-Jan-16 15:14:33

Knowing how long they have been a member wouldn't necessarily help if they are a persistent low level troll who has managed to avoid being banned.

I have changed my name repeatedly, partly to avoid being tracked online by my abusive husband. Otherwise I would have needed to leave mumsnet, and might have missed out on a great deal of useful information and support.

EdithWeston Mon 25-Jan-16 15:21:48

I think that anything which links user names to other users is a bad idea.

OK, maybe all the techs are brilliant, but I'd worry that if it went wrong then the fallout would cause immense harm (name changes for sensitive reasons).

And of course it would do nothing to prevent goadiness by long-standing members.

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