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Gender specifications on your Mumsnet account: update

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SarahMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 20-Jan-16 10:29:35

Morning folks,

Following on from last week’s thread about our asking you to sign up to Mumsnet as male or female, here’s where we’ve landed.

We’ve had a careful read of the thread, and done some more general reading around and investigation into how this is handled elsewhere, and we think the best way to proceed is to add the option “other” to the list of responses to the question of gender. Viz

Other (please specify) ___

This is how lots of other sites navigate this, so we hope it’s not too controversial.

As ever when it comes to questions around gender, we’re aware that not everyone will agree, but this seems to us to be the most inclusive and sensible route to take.

Do let us know what you think.

ToothlessAndPointless Wed 20-Jan-16 10:35:54

I don't see what anyone can object to if they can type in exactly what they want. but I'm sure someone will be along to moan shortly

SeekEveryEveryKnownHidingPlace Wed 20-Jan-16 10:37:59

Why gender not sex?

LineyReborn Wed 20-Jan-16 10:41:17

I thought the issue was that posters wanted to specify their sex, and not have to specify a gender at all?

HairyLittleCarrot Wed 20-Jan-16 10:41:43

Sarah, thanks for listening!
I'm on my mobile presently and can only access the two radio button forced choice options (M/F)
I'll get onto a computer and take a look.

Let us know if you ever decide to add a 'sex' option :-)

MissBattleaxe Wed 20-Jan-16 10:42:24

My understanding is that the sex you are is what you were born with. Your gender is how you choose to be identified. But I am happy to stand corrected.

sugar21 Wed 20-Jan-16 10:42:43

Lol @ other I wonder if you'll get any aliens or klingons or even Jedi

AndNowItsSeven Wed 20-Jan-16 10:43:18

I think know that Male and Female are the only factual choices.
Sadly it's only to be expected in today's society.

glenthebattleostrich Wed 20-Jan-16 10:45:14

Can we not also have a prefer not to say?

BertieBotts Wed 20-Jan-16 10:45:41

Hi Sarah.

Some of us were wondering what this data is used for, if you can share? Is it just to place the correct modifiers on somebody's profile (e.g. his/her) or does it have some influence on the advertising we see on the site? Or perhaps it's just for internal records?

Egosumquisum Wed 20-Jan-16 10:45:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ObsidianBlackbirdMcNight Wed 20-Jan-16 10:47:31

Does it still ask gender? Because if so you've missed the point

Really, it should be sex - female, male or prefer not to say

Nothing stops a trans person ticking the sex box that doesn't correspond with their actual sex if they want to.

HairyLittleCarrot Wed 20-Jan-16 10:48:52

Has anyone who is 'anti-gender' like me got any idea about a nice concise phrase to use to express that under 'other'?

I like the idea of future newspaper articles from Justine et al mentioning that the gender split of their members is X% female, y% male and z% reject gender as a bullshit damaging stereotype

Or similar. grin

Egosumquisum Wed 20-Jan-16 10:50:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Egosumquisum Wed 20-Jan-16 10:52:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Whatdoidohelp Wed 20-Jan-16 10:53:10

Umm, what gender is other? Serious question.

Sparklingbrook Wed 20-Jan-16 10:54:34

Just get rid of the box altogether.

BeyondBootcampsAgain Wed 20-Jan-16 10:56:27

Yy, to echo Ego's post - why are you asking?

MaidOfStars Wed 20-Jan-16 10:59:16

Maybe a better question would be - which of this things are you interested in? Tick as many as you like

If I tick 'female', will I get nappy ads? And betting ads if I tick 'male'?

FFS. I know you want data for advertisers but I think this is an issue where Mumsnet might take a principled stand.

BeyondBootcampsAgain Wed 20-Jan-16 11:00:05

Would "sex" with...
Male ◽️
Trans*◽️ appropriate?

SeekEveryEveryKnownHidingPlace Wed 20-Jan-16 11:02:17

Well what it also means is that if MN are invited onto the Today Programme or Woman's Hour, they can say things like '80% of our registered posters identify as female, and the consensus on the site is that [insert topic of the day]', or 'and X% of them say that they've experience sexual harassment in the workplace/at university' or whatever.

So basically there's a lot of potential for statistics to be misunderstood or misappropriated if the 80% who tick 'female' includes people who feel as though they are female. This wouldn't matter in all instances, but I could see it being problematic in some cases.

Egosumquisum Wed 20-Jan-16 11:02:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BeyondBootcampsAgain Wed 20-Jan-16 11:02:54

I quite like the idea of a 'tick which of these statements you identify with'
Could then include
I am a female
I am a cisfenale
I rject gender stereotyping

Tick as many as you want?

BeyondBootcampsAgain Wed 20-Jan-16 11:04:11

Though i do prefer there being no question at all, because why do you ask ??

HairyLittleCarrot Wed 20-Jan-16 11:05:01

When do you plan to implement the changes, MNHQ?

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