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Madnson Sat 09-Jan-16 19:24:53

Mumsnet is always my go to if I want a review on a product or a quick look up on something.

With this new app is there no search facility to look through all topic titles? When I go to topics there is a search. But tonight I've searched for "eyebrow pencil" and nothing comes up. So I gotta go through main site. Am I missing something?

cozietoesie Sun 10-Jan-16 10:06:09

I don't think that that sort of more comprehensive search function is a feature of the app. (To be honest, I doubt whether they'll implement it given the processing required. The app is never going to be as all-singing as the main site.)

Can you access the desktop site from your device?

Madnson Mon 11-Jan-16 19:11:40

The old app used to do it. Just come on again to get some advice on my pram and will have to go through main site, it's ok. No biggy just wanted to check I wasn't missing something X

DawnMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 14-Jan-16 21:36:36

Sorry for the delay, Madnson - and thanks (as ever) to cozie for supplying an answer here!

We are working on a search function for the app, but it's going to be some while so cozie's right, your best bet is to head to the desktop site.

We have an app faqs page here which explains what the app CAN currently do! smile

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