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bumping old threads... general question

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Candlefairy101 Fri 01-Jan-16 11:36:53

I love reading old threads but why do some people complain when an old thread has been bumped?

insancerre Fri 01-Jan-16 11:39:10

Because people post advice not realising the thread was started years before and ousting is a waste of time

IonaMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 01-Jan-16 17:16:12

Hi there Candlefairy. Generally, posting on 'zombie' threads is considered a bit of a no-no, which is why we include a warning at the bottom of the thread to make people aware. However, it's not actually against the rules to do so. Sometimes really old threads are resurrected by someone with new information or the OP returns to update, which is always lovely. If you're about to post on a zombie thread, perhaps just make it very clear in your post that you are resurrecting an old thread and why to help make it clear to others posting after you. In general though, it's often nicer and less confusing to start your own new thread if a thread you're looking at is looking a little dusty round the edges. Hope that helps.

Sparklingbrook Fri 01-Jan-16 17:52:10

It really depends on the reason it's been bumped IMO. There have been some quite bizarre ones bumped from years ago lately.

It's usually best to start a new one if it's been years or if the zombie thread is pages and pages long.

It does out the posters who don't RTFT though. grin

NewYearNewToads Fri 01-Jan-16 17:57:54

Because the zombie warning disappears after a few posts on a resurrected zombie thread. So it's not uncommon for people to then come along, read the thread and not realising the thread is months or years old, they may post advice to the OP as if it was happening now iyswim. So they've basically wasted their time.

NewYearNewToads Fri 01-Jan-16 17:59:35

That's why I think the zombie thread warning should be a permanent thing rather than having it disappear after a few posts.

Sparklingbrook Fri 01-Jan-16 18:00:41

Especially in situations such as problems with a YR age child say, that would now be in Year 7 or something.

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