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A possible "Top" idea... to make things easier

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ProfessorPreciseaBug Thu 31-Dec-15 09:22:34

I love MN and mostly look in the mental health pages. (I experienced severe depression. awhile back and know how bad it can be for someone).

However, I find that it is a PITA scrolling from the bottom of a page of posts back to the top of a thread to go back to the list of threads in order to read another.

I asked the powers that be and they say MN say they will add a "Top" button if enough people also like the idea. Do we have any takers?

Scrowy Thu 31-Dec-15 09:35:55

I see what you mean... Or perhaps repeat the link back to the board (e.g MH) you are currently on at the bottom of the page as well as the top.

There are links to active convos etc already at the bottom of the page which I find useful but wouldnt take you back to the specific board you have just come from. I think in that situation I normally just press the back button on my browser?

SayrraT Sat 02-Jan-16 21:44:18

On the mobile site there is a "back to top" below the comment box and on my laptop I just use the "home" button which takes you back to the top.

ProfessorPreciseaBug Sat 09-Jan-16 08:09:23

Ah, I read on an iPad, but use the classic site. I hate mobile sites with a lot of passion... ( wel not really but I do prefer the classic site layout)

any more takers?

NickNacks Sat 09-Jan-16 08:10:50

If you read on an iPad, just tap the bar at the top where your clock is.

bruffin Sat 09-Jan-16 08:14:17

Yes good idea

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