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Do you think that next year we could have

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Maryz Sat 26-Dec-15 23:28:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AgentProvocateur Sat 26-Dec-15 23:40:47

Yes, and in the good old days, you didn't open the christmas topic until the start of December. Can you remove it until then? The Christmas angst threads starred in October - no wonder people are anti-climatic after a two-month build up.

Sparklingbrook Sat 26-Dec-15 23:41:48


A Christmas Petty Gripes topic would be excellent. Or 'Fancy a Christmas whinge?' topic.

RudeElf Sat 26-Dec-15 23:42:59

Oh definitely! Yes please Hq!

Maryz Sat 26-Dec-15 23:43:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Raxacoricofallapatorius Sat 26-Dec-15 23:43:19

Yes. Am I being unreasonable vs am I being unseasonable.

Behooven Sat 26-Dec-15 23:44:21

mary I think you'll find a few of them going already

Sparklingbrook Sat 26-Dec-15 23:45:34

There is a thread already Maryz a tree is down. Mine will be down tomorrow. grin

Maryz Sat 26-Dec-15 23:48:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pipestheghost Sat 26-Dec-15 23:49:53


IonaMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 27-Dec-15 13:11:02

Hi there Maryz, we'll certainly give it some thought if there's enough call for it. There is already a thread running somewhere about whether we should have a 'petty gripes' topic as well as AIBU, but both are worth looking at. Everyone else - let us know what you think here. We'll be reading.
AgentProvocateur - the problem with opening the Christmas topic later is that we then end up with all the Christmas threads in Chat and AIBU instead and then Maryz has to breathe into a paper bag and have a lie down between the months of September and November wink.

Sparklingbrook Sun 27-Dec-15 13:13:50

Maybe give the Petty Gripes topic a trial run for Mothers Day? wink

Thornrose Sun 27-Dec-15 13:19:13

Don't forget Valentines Day Sparkling grin

AuntieStella Sun 27-Dec-15 13:20:05

How about renaming AIBU as petty gripes (if enough people want it) and making it ephemeral.

As it's rarely about being unreasonable these days. WWYD topic could be used for those who really want opinions on courses of action.

Christmas topic needs to exist year round, so that early starters don't spread it everywhere.

And how about having a 'post in the topic' week? When posts are (ruthlessly, I'll come in and do it!) moved to the appropriate topic. So 'AIBU to ask you about XYZ' will receive the answer "no, but you need to do it in XYZ topic, and we're moving this for you'

Thornrose Sun 27-Dec-15 13:22:56

Never mind the trees coming down there's a Christmas 2016 thread. shock

Sparklingbrook Sun 27-Dec-15 13:25:25

Someone has already done all their Christmas shopping for 2016.

TheDailyWail Sun 27-Dec-15 13:25:45

Maryz - we could call it
Mistletoe and Whine!

Sparklingbrook Sun 27-Dec-15 13:26:43

Forgot Valentines Thorn. We definitely could have done with a Halloween Petty gripes topic too.

Thornrose Sun 27-Dec-15 13:31:52


I started to type on the 2016 thread but couldn't put into words my distress. grin

Maryz Sun 27-Dec-15 13:38:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

daisychain01 Sun 27-Dec-15 22:10:23

(Sticks hand up) another vote for Christmas AIBU as a separate topic.

The number of ungrateful threads to do with presents and badly behaved rely's has grown to epidemic proportions this year. It would be so much better to herd them all together so they can whinge and whine to their heart's content somewhere else

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